_Following JFK in the 21st Century

Boy, do I love to see advertisers taking risks! Although the QR Code technology from this print ad isn’t entirely new, the time it has taken for marketers to warm to the idea has inched along at a snail’s pace. Kudos to the The Martin Agency and The JFK Library and Museum for seeing its potential to interact with Twitter, smart phone and webcam users using a traditional print ad.

http://bit.ly/aKPUje*Courtesy of Ads of the World

It doesn’t end there. The campaign incorporates the other big social media network (Facebook), multimedia presence (YouTube, podcasts) and an email newsletter feature (or Bacn). Unfortunately, the look of the landing page seems a bit raw in comparison to the robust Twitter campaign. It does feature a wealth of information, but the flat, text-based look cheapens the experience. Other than a flash flip book diary feature (which can’t be used on an iPhone anyway), the site could be better integrated with the campaign, or at least a designer’s touch.